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*On Paradigm Change and Morris Sheppard’s Hummingbird

I’ve been thinking about paradigm change – especially about what sort of paradigm change might be called for in order to reform the management of our national forests.  This question raises, in turn, the broader issue of how the plane … Continue reading

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Over-regulation as a Reason for the Timber Harvest Decline: Recalling Jack Ward Thomas’s Lament

Editor’s Note:  This is the first in a number of NWAF! posts examining some of the reasons or sources of the historic decline in timber harvesting in U.S. national forests. The Congressional Research Service recently released a report detailing the … Continue reading

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“Counties in Crisis”: A Draft Introductory Narrative

Editor’s Note:  The sequel to our 2005 documentary, “Forests in Crisis,” might well be titled “Counties in Crisis.”  Below, a draft of some words the film’s narrator might offer as the new and updated documentary begins. Scene One:  Setting Up … Continue reading

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Memory Lane: Recalling “Forests in Crisis” (2005)

Editor’s Note:  “The past is never dead.  It’s not even past.”  William Faulkner The NWAF! blog isn’t the first time Shoshone County, Idaho has been active in the great debate over our national forests.  For instance, back in 2005 then … Continue reading

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Say, Why Not Apply D.C.’s “Structural Deficit” Concept to Counties and Schools with National Forests?

Editor’s Note:  This post returns to the concept of “structural deficit” as it has been employed in assessing the District of Columbia’s financial situation and the federal government’s associated obligation.  Readers will recall that both D.C. and U.S. counties with … Continue reading

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Mr. Pinchot’s assurances to U.S. counties with national forests – a look back

Editor’s Note:  NWAF!’s first post — “Secure Rural Schools: The Forgotten Historical Commitments” — was a 700-word op-ed about Gifford Pinchot’s 1907 assurances to forested counties.  As it happens, that op-ed was a greatly boiled down and somewhat reworked version of … Continue reading

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An Unhappy Score: D.C., 1; Forested Counties and Schools, 0

Editor’s Note:  This post explores the parallel between the situations of the District of Columbia and counties with national forests with respect to rightful federal compensation. The parallel was struck over a hundred years ago.  In 1908, the U.S. Senate … Continue reading

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Secure Rural Schools: The Forgotten Historical Commitments

Editor’s Note:  The following post is an op-ed authored by the Shoshone County Coalition and initially published in the Coeur d’Alene Press (Nov. 5, 2013).  Co-authors: Jim Best, Leslee Stanley, and Larry Yergler, Shoshone County commissioners; and Chris Asbury, William … Continue reading

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