*ON COLLABORATION: Part 2 of an interview with Mike Petersen, Lands Council, Spokane

Editor’s note:  The NEW CENTURY OF FOREST PLANNING blog ran an excerpt of this interview yesterday.  I found the following at FORESTINDUSTRY.COM, published May 13th.  Jim Petersen, editor of EVERGREEN MAGAZINE, conducted the interview.

“When we leave forests to nature, as so many people today seem to want to do, we get whatever nature serves up, which can be pretty devastating at times, but with forestry we have options, and a degree of predictability not found in nature.”

Alan Houston, PhD wildlife biologist
Ames Plantation, Grand Junction Tennessee
Evergreen Magazine, Spring, 1997

Four years ago, Mike Petersen, Executive Director of the Spokane-based Lands Council, told his organization’s Board of Directors they needed to shelve their litigation strategy, forsake their “no federal forest management” stance and embrace forest collaboration. In this interview, Mr. Petersen explains why he recommended such a startling turnabout, and his hopes that collaborating with the Council’s former adversaries will yield better outcomes for the Council and the region’s federal forests.

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One Response to *ON COLLABORATION: Part 2 of an interview with Mike Petersen, Lands Council, Spokane

  1. Dawn Wiksten says:

    Love the article! As always Peterson is brilliant. We HAVE to work together with one another! And yes these Commissioners have got to get real about it. The whole situation is so workable. Thanks for this posting Ron. I think the Peterson’s are so wonderful in all they work to do. We should see if they can set up some meetings in the area with the locals as the focus, They have amazing insight and determination to see the forest improve. Anyone who wants to do that, let me know, I will get it set up. The community is not always aware of these agency meetings. They need to be. And btw, I also think Mary Farnsworth is a truly caring USFS servant.

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