*OP-ED: The self-appointed kings of their non-existent kingdoms

Editor’s note:  This morning, another opinion piece from the pen of Jim Chmelik, this one published in Helena’s INDEPENDENT RECORD on July 14th.

As I read Greg Zimmerman’s article, I was wondering who appointed him and the East Coast environmental cartels the kings of our lands. I believe local people care more about the true health of our forests and will do a better job of managing them because clean water and air and access and jobs matter to our families. So lets clear up the smoke around wildfire and our public lands.

Every year we are subjected to tons of toxic smoke from out of control wildfires which emit more pollution than every car in California running 24/7 all year long. Hundreds to thousands of homes burn in these fires and human lives are lost.

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2 Responses to *OP-ED: The self-appointed kings of their non-existent kingdoms

  1. Dawn Bechtel -Wiksten says:

    Thanks Jim. Good Article Ron. Glad to see it. Simple and honest.

  2. 2ndLaw says:

    “… vibrant bustling [rural] economies”
    Methinks someone forgot to take off their rose-colored glasses. Commodity extraction is inherently a boom-bust enterprise. If you think everything was great back in the day, then you are only remembering the booms and forgetting the busts, and there were many.

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