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*Environmentalists should allow professionals to do their work

Editor’s note:  This opinion piece, by Rufus R. Kimrey, was published on line in the BILLINGS GAZETTE on Aug. 23rd.  I initially saw it listed on Nick Smith’s circular. This is a response to the Aug. 1 article concerning the … Continue reading

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*Something to ponder

Editor’s note:  This post  was authored and submitted by Robin Stanley.  Thanks Robin! Four fire fighters die, three in Twisp.  Forty-five homes burned in Kamiah Idaho.  This week literally hundreds of homes destroyed across the northwest.  Family’s lives have been … Continue reading

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*The Forest Service and a box of frogs

Editor’s note:  This post, submitted by Robin Stanley, is cross-posted from RANTS AND RAVES, a blog offered at the website of the EASTERN OREGON MINING ASSOCIATION.  It was authored by Brian Gardner and published Oct. 24, 2008. After 30 years … Continue reading

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*A rebuttal to Mike Petersen’s interview in Evergreen magazine supporting the collaborative model (Part 1)

Editor’s note:  The following is an opinion piece submitted by NWAF! Coalition member, Robin Stanley. I read with a great deal of interest the article in Evergreen magazine in which Jim Petersen interviews Mike Petersen from the Land Council on the … Continue reading

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*The forests of the world are in serious trouble, scientists report

Editor’s note:  This report, by Chris Mooney, appeared in the WASHINGTON POST August 20th. The planet’s forests are vital to us all. For one thing, without them, global warming would be a lot worse. Forests pull vast amounts of carbon dioxide out … Continue reading

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