*The Forest Service and a box of frogs

Editor’s note:  This post, submitted by Robin Stanley, is cross-posted from RANTS AND RAVES, a blog offered at the website of the EASTERN OREGON MINING ASSOCIATION.  It was authored by Brian Gardner and published Oct. 24, 2008.

After 30 years of dealing with the U.S. Forest Service, I sense that they are finally reaching a critical melt-down stage.

Land management policies are spinning wildly out of control and biological anarchy rules. Administrators and personnel jump in and out of the political cauldron like a box of frogs on steroids.

Here are ten reasons that explain how they got where they are and why you probably cannot expect things to change anytime soon:

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3 Responses to *The Forest Service and a box of frogs

  1. Great piece.You must be from Montana.Sincerly Gramps

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  3. Forest Watcher says:

    The best description of how the USFS really is! I left in disgust – nothing like seeing a new district ranger roll in from the West to the Appalachians with their high and mighty public land attitude, refusal to be inculcated into the local community and COMPLETE ignorance of the system they were paid a GS-13 salary to “manage”. Most state wildlife agencies and bureaus of forestry have total disdain for the USFS in the East. It’s all about operating under the USFS process, being a compliant yes-man/woman and showing a desire to GS-jump to get to that eventual DC or Regional Office position.

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