Editor’s note:  This interview comes to us from Jim Petersen’s EVERGREEN magazine. It’s the 14th in EVERGREEN’s series focused on the collaborative process as a route to forest management reform in our national forests.

“Most folks – me included – don’t like big square or rectangular clearcuts.  That would be one example of how the Forest Service got itself into so much trouble with the public.  But I think it’s time for the public, Congress and the Administration to give the Forest Service a chance to prove that it can again be trusted to listen to the public and do what the public wants in its forests. Based on my experience, I believe the agency’s personnel can do the restoration work that needs doing in our national forests. So you can count me among those who are certain that the Forest Service has been reformed.  Now we need to reform the laws and regulations that are impeding progress in some very sick national forests.”

Barry Wynsma
U.S. Forest Service, Retired
Member, National Association of Forest Service Retirees
Evergreen Contributor
Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Barry Wynsma retired from the U.S. Forest Service in 2011, following a distinguished 33-year career in which he pioneered the development and implementation of forest restoration and fuels reduction treatments in small diameter timber stands that are at the heart of forest collaboration projects we are featuring in this series. Yet for reasons he explains in this interview, he remains a skeptic where collaborative success is concerned.


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