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*Guest commentary: Congress must move on wildfire prevention funding

Editor’s note:  This op-ed, by California Assembly speaker Toni Atkins, comes to us from the CONTRA COSTA TIMES, published Nov. 28th. (read at source)

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*Remembering Ebenezer Mudgett

Editor’s note:  Before the Whiskey Rebellion in western Pennsylvania, in 1794.  Before Shay’s Rebellion in Massachusetts, in 1786-1787.  Before the Boston Tea Party in Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773.  Before all three, there was the Pine Tree Riot in … Continue reading

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*GUEST OPINION: What environmentalists are missing in the forest health debate

Editor’s note:  This op-ed, by Leonard Brant, is from the COEUR D’ALENE PRESS, published Nov. 26th.  It was Nick Smith’s news roundup’s lead article this morning.  Thanks Nick! (read at source)

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*How fire, once a friend of forests, became a destroyer

Editor’s note:  This article — a review of a new book by Stephen Pyne — by Michelle Nijhuis, appeared in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, published Nov. 22nd. (read at source)

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*FROM NORTH CAROLINA: Citizens oppose wilderness designation

Editor’s note:  From THE GRAHAM STAR (Graham County, NC), via Nick Smith’s daily news roundup today, and published Nov. 19th. (read at source)

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*Idaho’s four school-day week

Editor’s note:  Economic pressures have pushed some Idaho public schools in the direction of a four-day instructional week.  In case you missed it, IDEDNEWS.ORG (Idaho Education News) has been running a series of articles on the phenomenon, titled “Rescheduled Education.” … Continue reading

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*One page says it all

Editor’s note:  A second kindly submission from NWAF! subscriber W.V. “Mac” McConnell.

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