A quick look back at our NWAF! blog’s traffic in 2015

Editor’s note:  I’m sorry, only some boring statistics today!

  1. In 2015, the NWAF! blog saw 16,664 visits (an average of about 47 per day) and 7,280 visitors (or about 20 per day).
  2. 2015’s traffic was up significantly from 2014’s.  In 2014, the blog saw 5,576 visits and 1,992 visitors – or only about one-third as many visits as in 2015.
  3. The great preponderance of visits (95%) came from viewers in the United States (15,881 of 16,664); Canada followed with 212 visits; followed chiefly by European nations and Australia. Yet, visitors from more than 70 counties dropped by our blog for one or more visits in 2015.
  4. There were a total of 250 comments lodged in 2015. Only a couple, as I recall, were returned to the commenter on account of ad hominem language.  (Offending language, BTW, can always be deleted by the commenter and the comment resubmitted.)
  5. A total of 6,180 unspecified visits (37%) came to the blog’s home page.
  6. Among blog posts registering visits for a particular post, the blog’s top six visit-garnering posts were:
    1. 986 visits – “Cash catastrophe for Shoshone County looms” (posted Jan. 21st);
    2. 308 visits – “OPINION: Why collaboratives are just another failed effort at forest management” (authored by Robin Stanley, posted July 14th) – this post also garnered 11 comments, incidentally;
    3. 248 visits – “The Forest Service and a box of frogs” (submitted by Robin Stanley, posted Aug. 24th);
    4. 226 visits (in 2015) – “Benewah County, Forest Service clash” (posted Dec. 24th, 2014);
    5. 185 visits – “Chief Tidwell has spent too much time in D.C.” (authored by Robin Stanley, posted Oct. 7th); and
    6. 153 visits – “THE SCRIPT: ‘Counties in Crisis’ (posted Dec. 15th).

7.      It should be noted especially that Robin Stanley’s contributions had a significant impact on our blog’s traffic in 2015.

  1. At the same time, far too many posts received only a handful of visits, some — too many  — only a single visit and visitor.
  2. A particular disappointment to me, incidentally, was the low traffic received by the three part series on a moral analysis of the federal SRS obligation I wrote and posted in March. Part 1, posted Mar. 10th, received 47 visits and visitation declined for the succeeding two posts – to 30 visits for Part 2 (posted Mar. 15th) and 23 for Part 3 (posted Mar. 30th).
  3. Yet, and of course, all of our blog posts remain available to the blog’s users, new and old, for future reference.  This is the valuable archival function our blog serves.
  4. Subscriptions remained at a disappointingly low level in 2015; we finished up the year with 54 subscribers only.
  5. A total of 577 posts have been published at our blog since its maiden post on Dec. 5th, 2013. The year-end statistical rundown offered by WordPress doesn’t provide the number of posts published in 2015 alone, but I think it was about 60% of the total published.
  6. That’s about it! Happy New Year, everybody!

— Ron

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8 Responses to A quick look back at our NWAF! blog’s traffic in 2015

  1. Dawn wiksten says:

    Ron, you have done an amazing job, I wish only more folks would get involved. Keep up the good work! !

  2. Woody Woodford says:

    Ron, Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the blog. Keep up your good work in 2016!

  3. Leslee Stanley says:

    Ron, Thanks for the statistics – I found them quit interesting. I really appreciate your great work and commitment.

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