FROM CALIFORNIA: Chair of rural counties association outlines political agenda for coming year

US Army helicopter fights Calif wildfire.jpg

U.S. Army helicopter fights wildfire at Yosemite National Park, Calif., Aug. 22, 2013 (PHOTO CREDIT:  U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Julie Avey via flickr)

John Viegas, RCRC Chair and Glenn County Supervisor, highlights PILT payments, SRS, and Forest Service mismanagement and waxing wildfire risk in this outline for the coming year’s political preoccupations.  His commentary article was published at PUBLICCEO on Feb. 1st — which publication, incidentally, describes itself as follows:  “ is a local government news aggregate site dedicated to providing a statewide perspective on California’s cities, counties and special districts.”

About wildfire in particular, Viegas wrote in part:

…severe risk of wildfire due to years of mismanagement of our state’s National forests has been worsened by recent drought conditions in California. RCRC and its strategic partners and stakeholders will continue to advocate for policies, such as federal efforts to end “fire borrowing,” that enable and enhance funding for forest management, fuels treatment, and watershed health projects in California’s forests. Along the same vein, California is facing a severe bark beetle infestation due to the drought, causing tens of millions of trees to die across the state. RCRC and several of our member counties are at the forefront of the State’s activities to address the issue, and maintain a seat on the Governor’s Tree Mortality Task Force.

Viegas’s commentary’s outline and overview may well mirror the political action landscape for a lot of counties in the American West where national forests are sited.  (Read at source.)

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