TIWWUA: Syndicated columnist says West’s economy depends on federally owned lands

beetle damaged forest.jpg

Beetle-damaged forest (PHOTO CREDIT:  by William M. Ciesla, Forest Health Management International, via USDA, via Flickr Creative Commons)

Editor’s comment:  Author Froma Harrop’s op-ed column — linked, here — has been picked up and republished by several newspapers around the West.  I saw it originally in the online SEATTLE TIMES (mind you, Seattle’s more conservative big newspaper).  “TIWWUA,” in the title of this post, is an acronym I intend to employ from time to time at our blog in the future.  It stands for “This Is What We’re Up Against.”  Harrop’s narrative opines, in part: “…a federal retreat from the rural West would spell economic disaster.  Thinking people throughout the West understand this. In Harney County, government paychecks account for 60 percent of earned income.”  The question I pose respecting her argument is this:  What’s wrong with the picture she paints?  It seems obvious to me, but, and if so, why then doesn’t she see it?  We, in western counties where national forests are located, need to know about these kinds of arguments and the problematic premises they spring from.

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One Response to TIWWUA: Syndicated columnist says West’s economy depends on federally owned lands

  1. WOW !!! This image is really moving. The acronym, TIWWUA, is really powerful and I think, if it could start trending on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, more awareness could be spread about the West’s use of forests and federally owned lands. How can we get this hashtag trending? Educating people about national park and forest preservation is important to developing a sustainable society and environmentally conscious community. We need trees to breath, so we should let the trees breath ! RIGHT? Who’s with me !

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