Salt Lake Tribune editorial takes aim at Utah’s plan for repatriating federal lands


Revett Lake, Panhandle National Forests (PHOTO CREDIT:  Greg Tensmeyer, U.S. Forest Service, via Wikimedia Commons)

Right out of the box, this editorial’s first sentence notes the 31,000,000-acre expanse of federal land Utah is attempting to take control over.  In other words, the sheer scope of Utah’s effort may pose a towering obstacle.  The editorial dismisses the state’s effort as little more than a pipedream.  Shoshone County’s “Pilot Charter Forest” plan, on the other hand, seeks to undertake an experimental program that would shift control of only about one-tenth of one percent of total Forest Service-controlled land across the nation. Yes, that’s 1/10th of 1 percent.  This geographic modesty, in turn, underscores both the experimental character of Shoshone County’s plan and the “incrementalist, let’s-see-if-this-can-work-better (than Forest Service mismanagement)” ethos it represents.

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