Santa Fe turns to “Fire Shed” area concept to protect itself from catastrophic wildfire


Sayre Fire destruction, Los Angeles, Nov. 2008  (PHOTO CREDIT:  FEMA/Michael Mancino edited by Noodle snacks, via Wikipedia)

Editor’s comment:  The “Fire Shed” area concept, as described in this article, designates an apron area around a community that most assuredly requires dramatically upgraded attention and action in order to thwart or significantly reduce the looming threat and prospect of catastrophic wildfire.  “The key consequence of the [Fire Shed] resolution,” says this report, “is that the city should see increased influence over federal, state and private dollars spent to manage the forests that directly affect the watershed and resident safety and recreation…”  This “Fire Shed” concept is new to me.  And it makes me wonder, a little, about how it might be linked up with Shoshone County’s push for a “Pilot Charter Forest,” whose chief aim is the protection of our county’s communities from the same potential disaster.  This article, authored by Elizabeth Miller, was published in the SANTA FE REPORTER on Feb. 15th.  Interesting stuff.

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