Aspen area’s Forest Supervisor laments the Forest Service becoming an agency of “no”

Crystal Mill

Crystal Mill, Crystal River, Gunnison County, Colorado (PHOTO CREDIT:  John Fowler, Placitas, NM, USA via Wikimedia Commons)

Editor’s note:  From this article:

Fitzwilliams said the budget crunch is having a tangible effect on forest management in the Aspen area. He said he doesn’t like to be “the supervisor of ‘no,’” but he must constantly tell Skico and other resort operators that review of projects will take longer simply because of staff shortages, and he must tell the Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association that the forest can’t move as quickly as the association wants on creating new trails, if it can act at all.

“We’re becoming the agency of ‘no’ because we have an obligation to manage responsibly what we already have,” he said.

Fitzwilliams doesn’t believe the Forest Service will be pressured into selling valuable assets to private interests. There’s been an effort in some Western state legislatures, including Colorado’s, to study acquiring federal lands. Most efforts haven’t gone anywhere.

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