Two news stories from Nick Smith’s daily news roundup

Editor’s note:  Here you go…and thanks again, Nick!

6th st Wallace old


Opinion: Federal Land Managers Continue to Shortchange Rural Timber Counties (The Oregonian)
Oregonians depend on many basic services from county governments. Public safety, mental and public health, roads and land-use planning are all essential to our citizens’ safety and quality of life. Property owners dutifully pay taxes to support these services. In addition to paying their fair share, many property owners contribute to our economies by providing good-paying jobs and supporting local businesses. (Read More)

Timber Payments To Oregon Counties Dip To Record Low (OPB)
Annual federal timber payments to Oregon counties continue to shrink, according to figures released Monday. In the 1990s, counties that had relied heavily on the timber industry saw tax revenue dry up as environmental laws and the Oregon economy changed. Congress responded by directing the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service to compensate rural counties with federal forestland. (Read More)

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One Response to Two news stories from Nick Smith’s daily news roundup

  1. heidi wood says:

    i totally support you guys and have posted it on facebooks national pages. i hope this helps!! i was wondering if you knew what it is they are spraying on our forests???i see so many chem trails here it is unbelieveable sometimes more than 30 per day

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