Two news reports of note, from Nick Smith’s news daily

Note:  These items come directly from Nick Smith’s invaluable daily news service.  Thanks Nick!


Greenpeace Admits its Attacks on Forest Products Giant Were ‘Non-Verifiable Statements of Subjective Opinion’ (Financial Post)
Greenpeace, after repeated attacks against Canada’s biggest forest products company for “destroying,” Canada’s boreal forests, now says that it was merely stating an opinion about the logging activity, not a fact. After years of weathering attacks on its forestry practices, Montreal-based Resolute Forest Products Inc. last year sued Greenpeace in United States District Court in Georgia under racketeering statutes, alleging that Greenpeace’s repeated attacks on Resolute, to raise money for Greenpeace, amount to criminal activity.

Russ Vaagen: Keep Public Lands Public (Theforestblog)
Public lands can and should remain public, with a caveat. These federal lands need to be managed appropriately. Currently, they are not. There is a reason that so many people living in rural America are shouting for a change in ownership or management of public lands. Much of that angst is directed toward the Forest Service, but other federal land management agencies get heat as well. Is it warranted? In my opinion, absolutely. If the federal government cannot figure out how to manage the lands for the benefits of all citizens, or as the Forest Service says “the greatest good for the greatest number of people,” then another solution will be created.

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2 Responses to Two news reports of note, from Nick Smith’s news daily

  1. roselakedawn says:

    Ron, I haven’t been well enough lately to get involved, but this makes me fighting mad! My God, we have to change things! !

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