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Risk Assessment of “Superfund” Sites Affected by “Large Landscape Fires”

Editor’s note:  Here is Ken Till’s proposed risk assessment endeavor relating to the potential impact of large-scale wildfire on Superfund remediations in the Coeur d’Alene Basin area.  Thanks Ken! Introduction:  This proposal merely addresses concerns about the potential negative consequences … Continue reading

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New York Times opinion page offers debate over federal land in the West

Editor’s note:  The NEW YORK TIMES, the distinguished national newspaper of record, offered a series of short commentaries on federal lands in the West on Jan. 7th.  Six “debaters” offered brief statements of their perspectives.  The six, incidentally, included Robert … Continue reading

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*Guest commentary: Congress must move on wildfire prevention funding

Editor’s note:  This op-ed, by California Assembly speaker Toni Atkins, comes to us from the CONTRA COSTA TIMES, published Nov. 28th. (read at source)

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*GUEST OPINION: What environmentalists are missing in the forest health debate

Editor’s note:  This op-ed, by Leonard Brant, is from the COEUR D’ALENE PRESS, published Nov. 26th.  It was Nick Smith’s news roundup’s lead article this morning.  Thanks Nick! (read at source)

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*Non-existent magazine’s (faux) interview with Robin Stanley

Editor’s note:  This post — a (fake) transcribed interview published in Burnt Tree Magazine — was submitted to NWAF! this morning by Robin Stanley.  The (fictional) interviewer was Tim Patterson. Tim Patterson, from Burnt Tree Magazine:  So Robin, tell us about … Continue reading

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*Environmentalists should allow professionals to do their work

Editor’s note:  This opinion piece, by Rufus R. Kimrey, was published on line in the BILLINGS GAZETTE on Aug. 23rd.  I initially saw it listed on Nick Smith’s circular. This is a response to the Aug. 1 article concerning the … Continue reading

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*Something to ponder

Editor’s note:  This post  was authored and submitted by Robin Stanley.  Thanks Robin! Four fire fighters die, three in Twisp.  Forty-five homes burned in Kamiah Idaho.  This week literally hundreds of homes destroyed across the northwest.  Family’s lives have been … Continue reading

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*The Forest Service and a box of frogs

Editor’s note:  This post, submitted by Robin Stanley, is cross-posted from RANTS AND RAVES, a blog offered at the website of the EASTERN OREGON MINING ASSOCIATION.  It was authored by Brian Gardner and published Oct. 24, 2008. After 30 years … Continue reading

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*Three links, FYI

Editor’s note:  Today, a mix of three items reflecting the remarkable variety of opinion across our land regarding forest management and our relationship to public lands. Hold on to your hat, folks! Rep. Ken Ivory “What the BLM does NOT want … Continue reading

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*OP-ED: The self-appointed kings of their non-existent kingdoms

Editor’s note:  This morning, another opinion piece from the pen of Jim Chmelik, this one published in Helena’s INDEPENDENT RECORD on July 14th. As I read Greg Zimmerman’s article, I was wondering who appointed him and the East Coast environmental … Continue reading

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