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Risk Assessment of “Superfund” Sites Affected by “Large Landscape Fires”

Editor’s note:  Here is Ken Till’s proposed risk assessment endeavor relating to the potential impact of large-scale wildfire on Superfund remediations in the Coeur d’Alene Basin area.  Thanks Ken! Introduction:  This proposal merely addresses concerns about the potential negative consequences … Continue reading

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Wilderness and Roadless, the King’s Forests

Editor’s note:  Submitted for publication today by NWAF! Coalition member Robin Stanley. Comments welcome, as always. William the Conquer kicked the peasants off his land so he could have a private hunting reserve for himself and his guests.  Unlike William … Continue reading

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The failure of the collaborative model confirmed

Editor’s note:  A new blog post from NWAF! member Robin Stanley. I know it is small of me to be one of those “I Told You So” people, but here I go.  I told you so.  Nanner!!  Nanner!  Nanner!!  I … Continue reading

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If you tell a lie enough, some may even believe it

Editor’s note:  This piece comes to us from NWAF! member Robin Stanley. Joseph Goebbels ( wrote,  “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”   I am afraid this is what is happening … Continue reading

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*Chief Tidwell has spent too much time in D.C.: Robin Stanley’s response to the Chief’s Evergreen interview

Editor’s note:  This opinion piece comes to us from NWAF! Coalition member Robin Stanley, submitted earlier today. I just completed reading Forest Service Chief Tidwell’s interview in Evergreen magazine”.  Unfortunately, our Chief doesn’t get it.  His whole mantra is “Building … Continue reading

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*Non-existent magazine’s (faux) interview with Robin Stanley

Editor’s note:  This post — a (fake) transcribed interview published in Burnt Tree Magazine — was submitted to NWAF! this morning by Robin Stanley.  The (fictional) interviewer was Tim Patterson. Tim Patterson, from Burnt Tree Magazine:  So Robin, tell us about … Continue reading

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*Something to ponder

Editor’s note:  This post  was authored and submitted by Robin Stanley.  Thanks Robin! Four fire fighters die, three in Twisp.  Forty-five homes burned in Kamiah Idaho.  This week literally hundreds of homes destroyed across the northwest.  Family’s lives have been … Continue reading

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