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Risk Assessment of “Superfund” Sites Affected by “Large Landscape Fires”

Editor’s note:  Here is Ken Till’s proposed risk assessment endeavor relating to the potential impact of large-scale wildfire on Superfund remediations in the Coeur d’Alene Basin area.  Thanks Ken! Introduction:  This proposal merely addresses concerns about the potential negative consequences … Continue reading

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“Counties in Crisis”: A Draft Introductory Narrative

Editor’s Note:  The sequel to our 2005 documentary, “Forests in Crisis,” might well be titled “Counties in Crisis.”  Below, a draft of some words the film’s narrator might offer as the new and updated documentary begins. Scene One:  Setting Up … Continue reading

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Mr. Pinchot’s assurances to U.S. counties with national forests – a look back

Editor’s Note:  NWAF!’s first post — “Secure Rural Schools: The Forgotten Historical Commitments” — was a 700-word op-ed about Gifford Pinchot’s 1907 assurances to forested counties.  As it happens, that op-ed was a greatly boiled down and somewhat reworked version of … Continue reading

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An Unhappy Score: D.C., 1; Forested Counties and Schools, 0

Editor’s Note:  This post explores the parallel between the situations of the District of Columbia and counties with national forests with respect to rightful federal compensation. The parallel was struck over a hundred years ago.  In 1908, the U.S. Senate … Continue reading

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Secure Rural Schools: The Forgotten Historical Commitments

Editor’s Note:  The following post is an op-ed authored by the Shoshone County Coalition and initially published in the Coeur d’Alene Press (Nov. 5, 2013).  Co-authors: Jim Best, Leslee Stanley, and Larry Yergler, Shoshone County commissioners; and Chris Asbury, William … Continue reading

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