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The Wildfire Conundrum

Editor’s note:  Below, one of the items circulated in Nick Smith’s news service this morning.  From Jefferson Public Radio, JPR.  Thanks Nick! Last year was the most expensive wildfire season ever. Federal agencies alone spent more than $2 billion on … Continue reading

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Risk Assessment of “Superfund” Sites Affected by “Large Landscape Fires”

Editor’s note:  Here is Ken Till’s proposed risk assessment endeavor relating to the potential impact of large-scale wildfire on Superfund remediations in the Coeur d’Alene Basin area.  Thanks Ken! Introduction:  This proposal merely addresses concerns about the potential negative consequences … Continue reading

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If you tell a lie enough, some may even believe it

Editor’s note:  This piece comes to us from NWAF! member Robin Stanley. Joseph Goebbels (http://www.HolocaustResearchProject.org) wrote,  “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”   I am afraid this is what is happening … Continue reading

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*Guest commentary: Congress must move on wildfire prevention funding

Editor’s note:  This op-ed, by California Assembly speaker Toni Atkins, comes to us from the CONTRA COSTA TIMES, published Nov. 28th. (read at source)

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*How fire, once a friend of forests, became a destroyer

Editor’s note:  This article — a review of a new book by Stephen Pyne — by Michelle Nijhuis, appeared in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, published Nov. 22nd. (read at source)

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FROM EVERGREEN: The Ticking Time Bomb in Idaho’s National Forests

Editor’s note:  From Jim Petersen’s EVERGREEN MAGAZINE’s Fall, 2015 issue — via a tip from Nick Smith’s news service. IN SUMMARY: The bar graph on our cover is the central feature in the most important Evergreen report we have published … Continue reading

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*Erosion from wildfires in the West may multiply because of climate change

Editor’s note:  This report, by Taylor Hill and published Nov. 8th, comes to us from something called takepart.  (The takepart service describes itself as follows:  “a digital news & lifestyle magazine and social action platform for the conscious consumer — is a division … Continue reading

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